March 29, 2019 Mark

James Allen Diamond Promotion

James are giving buyers a rare opportunity to take 25% off their Engagement Rings when you spend over $5k or more on your dream Diamond. Lets take a quick look at one of their more expensive rings. This Platinum Double Claw Halo ring mount is set with 177 diamonds already, so you only need to choose the main Diamond.  A “True Hearts” Diamond is a must for this show stopper piece. This ring will take a Diamond from 0.50ct up to 1.75ct. *

Double Prong Cushion Halo Ring
A saving of over $2000 off
True Hearts by James Allen
1.08ct F-VS2 'True Hearts' @ $8,210
True Hearts by James Allen - 1.57ct
1.57ct E-VVS2 'True Hearts' @ $23,720

I’ve selected two Diamonds from James Allen’s ‘True Hearts’ collection for you.  The 1.08ct is actually my preferred pick over the two. The overall symmetry of this along with the Table and Depth percentages indicate that this diamond would sparkle. Lets not discount the larger 1.57ct, it’s a great stone too, with a near perfect Colour and VVS2 clarity.  The 1.08ct does have a small carbon spot under the table and it does have a Medium Blue Fluorescence but the diamond is clean and has no large internal feathers indicated which would tend to glow under UV.  I think that this diamond is a good buy.  If you want to go bigger then head to the 1.57.  Get in touch if you are having trouble selecting your Dream Diamond plus you have act quick to get 25% off your ring.


*Offer applies to ring setting only. Does not include loose diamonds, gemstones, or designer collections. Promotional discounts applied to an order are only valid for the item purchased and will not be applied to future purchases or exchanges after the sale ends. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Promotion ends April 14, 2019 at 11:59pm EST.
December 15, 2018 Mark

Christmas, the time for giving the time for loving, the time for prayers and the time to watch your dollars. So who’s got deals on online Diamonds and rings? 

Well James Allen has 25% off their  Engagement rings and that could save you nearly $1’000 off your Platinum three stone trellis diamond engagement ring.


This is just on the ring itself and the two 0.25ct ‘Trapezoid’ side diamonds. You will have to hunt down a gorgeous ‘True Hearts’ centre diamond to complement the package. 

It’s not a huge saving, but it’s better in your wallet than anyone else’s. 

Learn more about my review on James Allen’s ‘True Hearts’ range of diamonds.  

Brian Gavin Diamonds have a gift for you, 10% off his Signature Diamonds. This includes the range of Hearts and Arrows Rounds and Cushion Cuts, as well as The Princess, Blue and Advance Range. 

That is a deal worth looking at.  I did a test search for the most expensive diamond on there. It was a 5.04ct Round Hearts and Arrows with a hefty price tag of $231’000 dollars.  But with 10% off that you’ll save a whopping $23’100. Now that’s a massive saving…Even if your budget is not that large and let’s face it, there aren’t many of us with that sort of cash, with 10% off you can still save thousands. But be quick.

Now we have one of the best known colored diamond dealers in the US, Leibish  Co. They have sales on finished jewelry and loose diamonds up to 30% off. Now is a good time to have an in depth look.