Trillian Cut

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Unique Features Facets L / W Ratio Origin My Expert Tip
Triangular in shape, a very bright and lively stone if cut correctly. 31 or 50 Ideally 1/1 Sixties Faces up nicely, can disguise inclusions.

Features & Advice

A Trillion cut is a triangular in its geometric shape with three sides, preferably all equal. It is cut with either a standard 31 facets but is occasionally cut utilizing 50 depending on the overall size of the stone itself.

Trillian Cut 1

Larger diamonds used in solitaire engagement rings tend to have curved edges, whereas smaller stone can be straight sides.  This straight type of cut is commonly termed a ‘Trilliant’, rather than a Trillian. Alternate Trillian’s have been observed as part step cut. The trillion’s unique cut displays an excellent shimmer and lustre if the stone is cut in correct proportions.

Trillion cut diamonds can hide or disguise small clarity imperfections and can be an ideal choice for an alternate engagement ring. Not as commonly used as solitaire’s they are seen as side or complementary stones.