Oval Cut

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Just Briefly

Unique Features Facets L / W Ratio Origin My Expert Tip
An elongated round brilliant cut. Usually 58 Typically 1.33-1.66 Nineteenth Century. Rewarding carat weights with shallow ends, also tends to elongate the finger.

Features & Advice

The classic oval cut utilizes the round brilliant cuts pavilion in a modified fashion and comprises 58 facets, often seen in ratios of the range 1.33 and 1.66. This pulled or stretched out shape optimizes the carat weight, making the stone appear larger and the actual carat weight.  An excellent choice for those with shorter, stumpier fingers as the oval tends to elongate the finger.  Now becoming a trendy diamond to employ as the centre stone for engagement rings.

Oval Cut 1

Again this cut is susceptible to the dreaded ‘bowtie’ effect, causing a darkish region in the centre of the diamond when viewed face up.  Ratio is an important consideration with the oval shape as it can have a substantial effect on both the light refraction within the diamond stone and the appearance of the finger.