How to Buy Diamonds Online

Should I buy diamonds online? How do you buy a diamond online? it’s a big question that only you can answer.
But it’s not that difficult, we all buy things online.

All you need is knowledge, and after reading a few of my articles on buying diamonds online and doing some of your own research you will be able to make an informed decision about your purchase.

If you don’t have the time, I offer a FREE International diamond buying service – “Find my Diamond”

There’s no catches, or gimmicks, you don’t have to buy anything I present to you. I don’t charge a cent for the service! Why do I do this? – The Diamond Companies offer me a commission for selling them, like a real estate agent.

Buying your Diamond Online will take time and knowledge

Hearts and Arrows
Hearts and Arrows
Hearts and Arrows

Not All Diamonds are created or cut equally

James Allen Diamonds

James Allen Diamonds

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Ros - Google Reviews
Ros - Google Reviews
United Kingdom
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Great information if you’re really wanting to be more informed and even take control of exactly what diamond quality you’re buying with confidence. Mark is friendly, knowledgable, responsive and willing to help. Really fantastic service! Definitely recommended. Ros

Buying Diamonds Online was created to give people power by giving them knowledge

Mark G, Jeweller / Gemologist

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Diamond Crystal

A Natural Diamond Crystal – ‘Octahedron’

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9CT Natural Emerald Cut Diamond

9.08ct Celebrity Diamond

Not only is it massive, it's colorless and internally flawless. D -IF certified by GIA

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What colors do diamonds come in?

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Knowledge is Power

Arossa Diamond Mine
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Pictured above is one of the world’s largest open cut Diamond mines. Alrosa Diamond Mine – RUSSIA

Pictured Below is a modern day CVD Lab Grown Diamond Laboritory.

Buying Lab Diamonds
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You're in good hands - why trust me?

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My website is available 24hours a day 365 days a week. Click through my articles for the latest info about Buying Diamonds Online.  If you are having trouble finding your perfect stone or just not sure –  Get in touch and Ill give you an honest opinion for Free.

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"I would also like to say thank you Mark, your website has completely fulfilled my expectations. I learned more than I thought"
Happy customer from Germany
"I don't always trust things online, but you have been invaluable in my search. I'm glad I found you in Aus, Thanks again - Mate. Cheers Dave"
Australian Customer
"Thanks Mark, I'm so glad Troy reached out to you before he bought my Engagement Ring. I absoluely love my ring from James Allen"
United states happy customer
New Jersey. USA
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