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As climate change impacts our everyday life, many of you may prefer to know that you are helping the environment when buying a Diamond . Along with a 100% guarantee that your Diamond is ‘Conflict Free?’.  Many still have concerns that even our natural Diamonds are not 100% guaranteed from conflict. So lets bring Lab Created Diamonds.  Lab Grown Diamonds are exactly that, CREATED in a lab! Not dug out of massive holes in the Earth and under terms of war and corruption. Whilst these laboratory-grown eco diamonds are relatively new to the consumer, they are picking up pace with social engagement and a desire to have one.  Lab Grown Diamonds are sustainably cultured/grown by two different methods HPHT & CVD, I’ll discuss that later, thus recreating the extreme pressures and temperatures required to convert carbon into a diamond crystal structure found in nature.

Lab Grown Diamonds have the same exact same crystal structure, chemical composition, optical properties and physical properties as a mined type II diamonds . Lab Diamonds are not fake, they are not stimulants like Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia’s, or cheap substitutes. Whilst we mainly trust that our mined Diamond suppliers are giving us conflict free diamonds as they advocate, but if you are unsure about the diamond mining industry, yet still want a beautiful diamond then a Lab grown might be just the thing, especially considering the cheaper price tag.

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HPHT Synthetic Diamond

CVD Synthetic Diamond

CVD Synthetic Diamond

Lab Created Diamonds, or Colourless synthetic diamonds are currently being produced by HPHT (High Pressure – High Temperature) and  CVD  (Chemical Vapor Deposition) have come on strong in the last few years and it appears they are here to stay.. They do have a place in the Diamond Market even though these stones are technically different from the natural diamonds produced by prehistoric geologic conditions and tremendous forces. HPHT Diamonds have been around for a far longer period and started off in the Diamond Color changing arena. CVD diamonds made a slow start but have now begun to win the Synthetic Diamond race. CVD created diamonds are formed by adding a gas, such as methane, into a vacuum chamber, then activating and breaking down the molecules of the gas with concentrated microwaves. Thus causing the atoms of Carbon to attach themselves to the substrate (a diamond seed crystal, which has been usually formed by the HPHT method). However are able to laser cut wafer thin slices of CVD Diamonds that can be used as seeds.

So which one is better?

Well both methods are producing the same thing aren’t they? not quite is the answer.. HPHT: This process is very very costly, since these synthetic Diamonds require a vast amount of energy, combining both intense heat and pressure in specialized equipment that will handle this type of Heat and Pressure. Initially they were only producing mainly colored stones with this method but in recent years HPHT is often one that tends to produce the colorless D,E,F range and higher clarities from VS and up to Flawless. Positives:
  • More Eco-Friendly than mined Diamonds
  • 100% Conflict Free
  • HPHT can produce colourless Diamonds
  • HPHT can produce Excellent Clarities
  • HPHT Synthetic Diamonds are more costly to produce so you may pay a slight premium.
  •  the may not be as Eco-Friendly as everyone thinks, especially the amount of Energy that is required to create one.
  • Retention of Overall Value
CVD: This process is cheaper and involves a completely different technique to create their diamonds. CVD also requires far lower temperatures and pressures to in order produce relatively clean gem quality Synthetic Diamonds. And of course the equipment required only needs to operate at moderate temperatures and lower pressures.  CVD can also produce D,E,F colorless Synthetic Diamonds but it appears that the most common colour range is from G – J and clarities around VS – SI.  CVD is also the better option for producing Fancy Coloured Synthetic Diamonds. Adding different gases such as nitrogen or boron into the high pressure chamber, Blue and yellow Synthetic Diamonds are produced. Positives:
    • More Eco-Friendly than mined Diamonds and HPHT Diamonds
    • 100% Conflict Free
    • CVD can produce colourless Diamonds
    • CVD can produce Excellent Clarities
  • Overall the Color and Clarity of these Synthetic Diamonds tend to be lower than HPHT.
  •  Retention of overall Value
My verdict: In my professional opinion, I don’t have a preference for either method of production, i’m interested like most of us, in the final product.

On that final note lets have a loo at one of the leaders in Online Lab Created Diamonds, “Clean Origin Diamonds”  Third generation Jewellers taking a leap of faith into the new world of Synthetic Lab Created Diamonds. From the moment one loads their webpage it clear what they offer, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Bridal Jewellery including Earrings and Bracelets incorporating their Lab Created Diamonds.

Clean Origin are one of the first that i’ve seen to start introducing hand selected Lab Created Diamonds with ‘Hearts & Arrows’ Symmetry, their “RADIENCE” Collection. Sure, there are plenty of online Diamond Dealers that show this already but Lab Created Diamond websites don’t have this.  I must admit it’s not quite as good as James Allen Diamonds with full disclosure of images in their “True Hearts” Natural Diamond range, but we are talking about Lab created Diamonds at a far cheaper price point. It takes time to take all the ASET Tool and Ideal Scope images then upload them all to the web.  Time equals Money.  So good on “Clean Origin” for making it better for consumers. 

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