Pear Cut

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Unique Features Facets L / W Ratio Origin Expert Tip
Curved end with a single point. Commonly 56 to 58 1.50-1.70 Fifteenth Century Tends to elongate the finger, Clarity above SI and I color.


The pear shape is another cut that utilises the round brilliant cut and a Marquise Cut in a varied and unique way. A ratio of 1.50 and 1.70 is usual and the stone is usually cut with 58 facets, the pavilion facets can vary depending on the size which may range from 4 to 8 facets.

Pear Cut 1

Some pear shape diamonds can suffer from a detrimental cutting flaw which causes them to display what’s known as the “bowtie effect”. This effect tends to cast a shadow or ‘flat spot’ in the center of the stone. A well cut stone with will not have this effect. Other diamonds that are commonly effected the Heart, Marquise and Oval cuts.  An ideal cut pear shape is one with a polished girdle and a rounded off culet.  Color higher than ‘H’ is advised due to the pronounced visibility towards the tip of the pear.