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Who am I?

 I have been in the Jewelry Industry for over 35 years.  I am a qualified Manufacturing Jeweler, Diamond Setter and with a Diploma in Gemology and specialize in Diamonds. I am extremely familiar with the diamond trade and diamond characteristics.  I’m looking at them all the time, I view them, I buy them, I show them to my clients and I set them. 

I have frequented overseas Jewelry buying events/shows including Australia, Vietnam and Hong Kong as well as liaising with diamond merchants in the United States,  Hong Kong, Antwerp, Israel and India.  As you can see I’m actually in the industry and not someone that has ‘an interest’ in Diamonds with no real qualifications.  I am now based in New South Wales,  Australia with my loving family, but with the World Wide Web at our fingertips distance is never an issue when searching for the perfect Diamond or Dream Jewel, I’m looking at these Diamonds on websites just as you are, often buying them sight unseen. So let me help guide you in the right direction.  

If you looking at Buying Diamonds Online in Australia and would like me to find you a Diamond, I will find you one and courier it to you anywhere  Australia or Overseas. If you live close by then we can liase personally.  My official Jewellery Website: https://mejewellery.com.au/

I have created this website to help you, my readers to advise and disclose common purchasing errors within the jewelry industry. Why do this for free you ask? Well I do and I Don’t, I of course gather all this information and show Diamonds from many Diamond Merchants around the World. Some links on this website are known as affiliate links, so when you click on one the Diamond Merchant knows that I sent you there from My Website. If you purchase from them I receive a Commission, just like a Real Estate Agent when selling your House.

If you’ve been searching for the diamond pro or something beyond 4cs and still Having trouble or doubts about buying diamonds online? please allow me to find you the diamond you’ve dream’t of.    


Just will out my “Find my Diamond” form and I’ll be in touch.

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