Wedding Bands


Half Round The half round band or shank is traditional one of the most popular profiles with either men or woman.  The top of the band can be either be very high making it Half-Round or a lower top would be called Semi-Half-Round. The inside of the band is flat, while maintaining a close and comfortable fit. A safer choice for outdoor workers. Wedding Bands 1
Wedding Bands 2 Another classic, the flat profile is flat on the top, underneath and the sides. A very traditional and safe style of ring also suited to the outdoor worker. Flat
Half Round with Comfort Curve Also known as a ‘Court’ profile, this style of wedding band is probably one of the most popular now. This type of band has a semi-half-round profile on both sides of the band and flows around the edges, making it a very comfortable ring to wear. Not as suited for the outdoor worker as it can catch. Wedding Bands 3
Wedding Bands 4 Resembling the Flat, this ring combines the comfort curve up to the edge for that added softness. Is also known as the ‘flat court’ . Not as suited for the outdoor worker as it can catch. Flat with Comfort Curve
Half Round Comfort Curve flat edges Another ring often termed a ‘flat sided court’, this style of band has both top and bottom curves but has flat sharper edges.  These rings tend to be on the heavier side= $ than most of the other styles here. Comfortable to wear and very sturdy. Wedding Bands 5
Wedding Bands 6 The round or halo band is a perfect round circle. Often used with invisible set diamonds. Round
Concave This type of wedding ring can have either a comfort curve bottom of a flat bottom to save a little weight, while the top is a shallow or deep concave. Wedding Bands 7
Wedding Bands 8 This style of wedding band is another frequent flyer, with a flat top and bottom but with a bevel or chamfer off each edge.  Can often be seen with a frosted of satin finished on top with highly polished edges. A safe conservative choice. Beveled Edge Flat Top