Cushion Cut

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Unique Features Facets L / W Ratio Origin My Expert Tip
Excellent light disparency with large facets. Commonly 58 facets 1.00-1.05 (square) >1.10 (rectangular) 19th Century Classed modified brilliants with a “crushed ice effect” are highly sought after.

Features & Advice

A Cushion Cut can be described in a number of ways, either a squared off round or an Oval Cut shape with flattened sides. However from the picture above it is easily seen why it’s called a Cushion Cut. 58 facets are typical with this cut and a ratio for squares of 1 to 1.05 and 1.10 or greater for more oval ones. Not in the same brilliance league as the Round Brilliant and Princess Cuts but they have a different advantage of large facets allowing an excellent refraction of light in well-cut diamonds.

Cushion Cut 1

Many describe this cut as the ‘old fashioned cut or ‘miners cut’ because of it’s appearance to that era of cutting. However the cutting techniques of today have highlighted this cuts ability to shine. An effect termed ‘crushed ice’ was developed by adding an extra row of pavilion facets making the face up view remarkably brilliant.  Other subtle alterations have also been introduced, such as adding symmetrical kite- or half-moon-shaped facets to the pavilion and below the girdle. An excellent choice for lower clarity grades as the crown is usually higher with a smaller table allowing many inclusions to be hidden or somewhat disguised by the shimmer.