How to Buy a Diamond Online

How to Buy a Diamond Online

It’s an exciting time getting engaged, but it can also be an anxious and overwhelming one. Probably the first thing that we buy is an engagement ring and a Diamond to go in it. Your significant other half may have dropped a few hints along the way, which is great. SO where do you start? do I go into a Jewelry shop? do I ask my friends? or am I the person that needs to know what I’m spending my money on and do some research.

All three are great ideas, but one of the more popular ways these days it to buy online from the comfort of your home or office. But we have to be careful where we shop online, all of us do. In is brief ‘how to buy a diamond online’ guide I will take you through the steps you should be doing prior to making your big purchase. Other important Diamond research is a Must! and something you should do on your own.

Are you already saying, “I don’t have time for this?” then reach out and I will help you. I don’t charge anything, I get a Commission from selling the Diamond like a Real Estate Agent sells your house.

Let’s talk Money – The first step

Consider your ballpark budget, whether it’s $2k-$3k or $20-$30k you have to start with a figure in mind. There’s no point looking at $30k diamonds if you have $3k right.  Start somewhere and go from there to start looking.  I had a client recently who showed me an Engagement Ring that his Finace had been eyeing off in her phone for months. This ring, had a gorgous Pear Cut centre Diamond of at least 2 cts and a full Halo setting with diamonds. My client thought that $5k would cut it for the entire ring. We are working together to make it happen the best it can. But we have to be realistic, a 2ct Diamond and ring for $5k, no sorry!, even with a Lab Grown Diamond but we have to start somewhere.

But “how much should I spend on an Engagement Ring” you are not alone asking that question, many of my own customers ask the same.  That’s not an easy question to answer someone or yourself, it depends on your budget and your income doesn’t it, how much can you afford? 

Many years ago ‘De Beers’ Diamonds had a promotional saying, “Is one month’s salary too much to pay for a lifetime”. This was meant to increase a consumers overall spend per Diamond Engagement Ring.  The campain was extremely successful because it actually gave people some idea of how much they should spend.  Although it is somewhat biased being told by the Diamond Cutters themselves on how much to spend.  Even today I think that this figure is something one can work with.

After reading a few of my articles you should be able to select a Diamond confidently (if your not sure I’ll find it for you – “Find My Diamond”), taking into account your budget and a suitable size that not only your bank balance feels comfortable with but your fiancé is happy with. From these top three Diamond Retailers you will be able to select that dream diamond one you consider. Consider the four c’s—cut, clarity, carat, color, Quite often a Princess Cut being slightly cheaper since the Natural Crystal of a Diamond is an Octahedron (two pyramids joined together. When cutting a Princess they merely have to split the middle and then cut the facets with a minimum of waste. But also look at what you can get in mm sizes not just carats. You might be after the magic 1 or 2 carater, but selecting a diamond that weighs just 2-4 pts lower, 0.96ct or 1.96ct you will probably save a few $. Why you ask? well some Diamonds are sought after eg; 1ct, 2ct, 3ct are in demand so dealers put a slight premium on those stones. Below I delve into the top three Online Diamond Dealers in the USA.

James Allen DiamondsWhiteflash DiamondsBrian Gavin Diamonds

Here’s a snippet from a real Story from James Allen Memorable Moments Customers

– He’s a pilot. On a trip with a small private plane, he woke up early one morning, and snuck out to the beach where he wrote “Marry me …..

James Allen 1.73ct E VS1


I've selected this diamond from James Allen enormous range of Online Diamonds (over 200'000) to pair with the ring above. Being a large Marquise Diamond you have to be careful of the stone having a 'Bow Tie'. A 'Bow Tie' is something most asymmetrical stones have. Essentially it's a black line that runs across the narrow part of the stone. This one looks to have very little if any and GIA Certified.

Do your Research

My website Buying Diamonds Online was created for people just like you. You want to know more and have a real interest in what you are buying. You don’t have to become a Gemologist like I did to find yourself a great diamond. I’ve written numerous articles on what to look for and what not to look for. Study my other pages on diamond cuts, clarity and diamond certificates before jumping in. After years of me personally Buying, Selling and Setting Diamonds I wouldn’t call myself an industry expert but I do know a good stone when I see it and I know what to look for when buying online. Hence me writing this guide,  how to buy a diamond online

In this day and age, with the growth of internet diamond sales there are way more and more diamonds bought sight unseen or ‘Blind’. The internet is a fantastic source of good and bad information that should be taken into account. Look at the dealers do not forget to check the company’s website for details about their Policies, returns, guarantee’s, size alterations, shipping, warranties, and their customer service team.

James Allen DiamondsWhiteflash DiamondsBrian Gavin Diamonds


Diamond Certification

Most reputable online jewelers will have an association with global diamond certifiers like the GIA -Gemological Institute of America , AGS – American Gem Society or the IGI – International Gemological Institute (IGI). Buying a diamond on its certification alone is not a recipe for success. Also be aware that some diamonds whose 4C information indicates an average diamond can however be a vibrant and very lively stone. 

Buying your diamond, well there are still a few unscrupulous diamond dealers and Jewelers who sell anything from completely synthetic stones to heavily treated diamonds which are not expressed as such. Secondly, a number of International or in-house certificates could be inaccurate regarding the determination 4C’s. On the other hand diamonds with suggested 4C’s may not be as vibrant in real life. 

Thankfully many large and highly reputable sellers of diamond, ring and diamond wedding bands have invested heavily into their online presence with clear HD videos and images of the actual diamonds and rings. The leaders in this field are James, Whiteflash Diamonds and Brian Gavin Diamonds

Learn more about Diamond Certification here


Here’s a snippet from a WhiteFlash Testamonial

– “I love my ring more each day. It is the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen. I plan to purchase from Whiteflash in the future and have highly recommended your company to many colleagues.”  Pamela D, Canada

How to Buy a Diamond Online 1

2.187 ct G VS1 A CUT ABOVE® Princess Super Ideal Cut Natural Diamond

I've selected this diamond from WhiteFlash's A CUT ABOVE® range of Online Diamonds to pair with the ring above. Whiteflash have available some of the best cut diamonds in the market. This Idel cut Princess is stunning, click through to have a look at the stones Aset Tool and Ideal Scope Images to see for yourself. AGS Ideal Certified

Using Technology To Your Advantage  

Having your Diamond certified by a reputable Certifier is paramount in my opinion, but we have many other tools we can see and use online. Having actual images and videos of the diamond not just virtual images are crucial. Other important tools that are the Ideal Scope and the Aset Tool. Both of these tools help one visualize the actual cut and the brilliance you will get from the diamond you are viewing. Click here to learn about what to look for. Looking at Diamonds online one is best viewed on a desktop, using a mouse where you can click and flick through similar diamonds and compare them. Sites like Brian Gavin give you even more, with different lighting conditions to show the diamonds Brilliace and scintillation. You wont get those tools or the range with a walk in Jeweler. Many diamonds also have Fluorescence, this can have an influence on the overall Brilliance plus alter it’s price. Learn more here.


 But I want to talk to someone  

Brian Gavin, James Allen and Whiteflash all offer live chats but James Allen has the option of actually discussing the Diamond with you online, “Real Time Diamond Consultation”. Going into a Jewelers can often be intimidating with some staff acting more like a used car salesman than professional sales staff and their primary motivation is a quick sale that they make a commission from or the store manager is hounding them to make the days Quota!. 

Here’s a Brian Gavin Testamonial

– “She loves the ring and gets A TON of compliments on it!.” 

A stunning 2.3ct 'Black' selected Diamond From Brian Gavin

1.020 D IF Signature Round Natural Diamond

I've selected this top shelf diamond from Brian Gavin's signature range of 'Hearts & Arrows' range of Online Diamonds to pair with their ring above. Brian Gavin is also a Diamond Cutter, he has perfected some amazing cuts over the years and one of the leaders in acurate diamond cutting. This Diamond being a pefect 'D' in Color and a clarity of 'IF' Internally Flawless is in the 1% of all Natural Diamonds. The Diamonds Aset Tool and Ideal Scope Images are well worth a look. AGS Ideal Certified... His Signature cut Cushion and Princess cuts are well worth a look too.

You don’t have to choose a stock ring

There is nothing wrong with selecting a stock ring from an online dealer. They have 100’s of gorgeous on-trend rings, they are tried and tested and will suit the stones you select. Plus Stock rings are usually way cheaper, sometimes up to 30%-40% But Whiteflash, Brian Gavin and James Allen all offer Custom ring services. You might pay a little more for this service but you will get a little more personnel touch in your ring.


This is too overwhelming- Help!

I made this website to helps others buy diamonds online. If you find yourself bewildered and can’t decide, then get in touch and i’ll have a look at some diamonds for you. Just fill out my contact form or ‘Find my Diamond” form and I’ll help you find you dream diamond.

If you are in Australia and looking for your dream Diamond then I can help you directly, either Buying your Diamond Online or visiting me. My Official Website is:

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