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By Mark Gardner

One of the worlds leading online Diamond Dealers James is currently running a “Catch the Wave” promotion, whereby participants can win a $10’000 Diamond Ring of their choice.

There are a few smal fine print details, like you must be a resiendet of the US and you must disclose your email address to get started, but why wouldn’t you.  You don’t have anything to loose.  Even if you don’t win you will only get a few emails from James Allen.  Which is a bonus in itself, they often send out VIP emails to subscribers on their lists.

Just imagine searching through their 200’000 plus diamonds looking for that special one, and knowing you don’t have to pay for it. Definately start with the Hearts and Arrows  “IDEAL CUT DIAMONDS” collection  “TrueHeartsTM”

Before you choose your ideal diamond online make sure you read my articles listed below with links.  “Diamonds for Sale” or to “learn more about Hearts and Arrows and what is the real difference between an “Ideal Scope” and an “Asset Tool”

James is a must see for those searching for their Ideal Cut Diamond.

Be quick this promotion closes on Sept 4

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