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“Tacori” a name that speaks Designer Engagement and Wedding rings mirror the creativity and energy of Haig Tacorian, the patriarch of the Tacorian family. Having moved from Europe with his significant other Gilda in 1969, Haig Tacorian carried with him one of a kind aptitudes and vision that prepared for marvelous accomplishment in the focused universe of fine gems. Today, he is still completely engaged within the business that he made, however the up and coming age of Tacorians are presently taking the organization higher than ever. Children, Paul and Nadine alongside a few other relatives are moving the organization into the future with a similar energy for excellence and quality that has been at the core of Tacori for four decades. Below are a few of my favourites. 

The Tacori Full Bloom Collection unlocks the secret to diamond blossoms that express the maximum potential of the full bloom.  Full Bloom designs have the ability to take a 1 carat center diamond and give it the appearance and millimeter width of a 2 carat diamond!

In this Tacori collection they have figured out how to idealize the double halo. In the expressions of Tacori craftsman, they have “double bloomed” the precious stone, enabling it to outwardly bloom into full brilliance. Combined with a Classic Crescent , the extraordinary and superbly built double blossom illuminates the embodiment of  Tacori in every one of these Blooming Beauties.

For those that want that big rock! although are jsut as interested in something beyond precious and size, The Tacori Royal T Collection is the total bundle. Including just the best Tacori plans in a size significantly showing all the lavish Tacori detail, Royal T is “Top Shelf” in each feeling of the word.

The outlines in the Sculpted Crescent Collection are straight forward yet refined.  The outlines in the Tacori Sculpted Crescent Collection are straight forward however refined. They all interpretation of the unmistakable type of the great solitaire however every one has a one of a kind pizazz that separates it.

All Tacori rings are made in America – produced with highest quality and standards in California and only available to a select few of the finest gem dealers on the planet. Whiteflash are one of those few, with their signature A CUT ABOVE® range of diamonds ensure that you are buying a truly remarkable designer inspired piece. The care and tender loving care obvious in each Tacori ring is enlivened by Haig’s unique vision. An uncompromising energy for unpredictably made craftsman adornments really mirrors the family inheritance. Tacori’s mark style is characterized by an unmistakable outline component as a sickle outline: interlocking half-moon curves which give windows of light to mirror the brightness of the jewels set inside every bow outline semi-circle. 

My Review

The luxurious look and feel of Tacori collection ring is as one of a kind and unmistakable as we are. The distinctive and enviable style! created by carefully placed millgrian accents helps display a show-stopper style.  If you are seeking something different yet soulful then  the Tacori Collection is for you. Let’s not forget the Diamonds.  With Whiteflash’s A CUT ABOVE® range of perfectly cut diamonds will only enhance the beauty of your Tacori Ring. 

My rating on Tacori:  9 out of 10

A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, available exclusively at Whiteflash, are the most carefully crafted and exhaustively evaluated diamonds in the world. Each must pass three separate and independent stages of multi-level quality control including manufacturer evaluation, laboratory grading, and internal Whiteflash scrutiny.  These fine diamonds are a go-to consideration for one of Tacori’s designs.

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