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The Story Behind "Hearts and Arrows True HeartsTM"

By Mark Gardner

The “True HeartsTM” collection from one of the worlds leading online Diamond Dealers.

When some diamonds when cut with precision will display, a Hearts and Arrows configuration.  At the point when shown on its structure side, the precious stone gives the eye 8 hearts with modest ‘v’ shapes. Bona fide Hearts and Arrows have these examples unmistakable at a solitary look, showing that the precious stone has culminate optical symmetry. Hence the name of “IDEAL CUT DIAMONDS”

James Allen’s  “Hearts and Arrows” collection are a definitive articulation of affection – that is the reason we call them “TrueHeartsTM”. Each precious stone from our “TrueHeartsTM” collection is an enduring gem, an impeccable jewel of brightness.

Hearts and Arrows precious stones are sold under many numerous names – ‘Hearts on Fire’ and ‘Leo Diamonds’ are two well known cases.  James Allen, has taken it upon himself to have his own line of Ideal Cut Diamonds we take pride in displaying just the finest Hearts and Arrows precious stones. Each and every “TrueHeartsTM” jewel we offer is cut and cleaned at 100X amplification. Besides, dont just take my word for it, have a look yourself with their  “Diamond Display TechnologyTM”.  It gives everyone a chance to be a savvy diamond selector.  It enables you a chance to perceive any “True HeartsTM” jewel amplified in 360° so you can see precisely what you are getting.

Still not sure of what you are getting into? head over to my online diamond dealer reviews “Diamonds for Sale” or to “learn more about Hearts and Arrows and what is the real difference between an “Ideal Scope” and an “Asset Tool”

James Allen.com is a must see for those searching for their Ideal Cut Diamond.

Founded in 2006, James Allen has pioneered the way consumers shop for fine jewelry online. Though shy of just a decade in the business, its founders have 60 years combined experience, and have manufactured diamonds for major retailers, including Tiffany Co

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