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The Wedding Band

So here we are in 2019 and tradition of ‘The wedding” is still as strong as it ever has been.  Probably the most significant change to men’s wedding rings that I have witnessed is the addition of Diamonds and other gemstones.  Gone are the days that men just had a plain boring old band. 

The Wedding Band or Wedding Ring originates from the time of the Ancient Egyptians. At the time it symbolized eternity and that love had no beginning or ending. The contributing factor we place the wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand is primarily because the Egyptians thought that finger was the ‘vena amoris’ (the vein of love). The vein of love was thought to flow directly from the ring finger to the heart.

In Ancient Roman times, rings were presented as a public declaration of wedlock. It was in fact Roman’s conquest of most of the known world at that time in history which caused the spread of this custom. It now signifies the pure intention to marry and is a promise of lifelong commitment made to one person. The Romans were also one of the first recorded to include precious stones in their rings and wedding bands.

Firstly consider your budget, you and your partners’ lifestyle and what the ring will say about you.  Wedding bands can help display your, masculinity, ruggedness, charisma, passion if you are fashionable or even well-dressed some would say. Another popular choice is selecting matching Mens diamond wedding bands , either as a same sex couple or matching to your ‘fiancé’ you can often find wedding bands that are identical in appearance which can be a bonding and very sentimental purchase.

Men with outdoor laboring jobs may need to consider a vastly different diamond wedding band compared to a corporate office worker. Consider a hard wearing metal when making your final wedding ring selection. Platinum I feel is a little soft, but the new standard in precious metals is Palladium.. You will find a lot of 18ct White Golds have a percentage of Palladium. Palladium is also a white high shine precious metal that is hard wearing. Some jewellers are using straight Palladium 950, but be prepared to pay the premium price.  If these metals are above your budget then look at newer metals that some rings are now made from, like Titanium, Cobalt or ceramic. Obviously if you also considering gemstones or Diamonds in your wedding band. Then those with outdoor jobs should stick with the hardest, a Diamond.  Don’t forget to consider how the stones are actually set into the band, diamonds set with claws or prongs may appear slightly larger but are far more likely to fall out or loosen as time goes on.

Mens Colored Diamond Wedding Bands

Many years ago it was frowned upon for men to bling up their rings and wear diamond wedding bands, however today many men are expressing themselves by having multiple diamonds set into their wedding bands. As everyone knows and are familiar with, White diamonds are traditionally used, but men are proudly displaying and utilizing other colored diamond varieties.  One of the most popular are ‘Black’ diamonds, although a vast majority are irradiated/treated to make them completely black they are still a diamond.  See “Diamond For Sale” for more details. 

The ring pictured left is from one of the most trusted colored diamond dealers in the world, ‘Leibish’. This ring known as “Destiny” is manufactured in 18kt white gold with yellow half hearts. These half hearts are ‘’pave’ set with 37 gorgeous fancy intense yellow diamonds. This ring also has a matching twin, when two ‘Destiny’ rings are placed together they form a perfect heart, an exciting concept for same sex couples. Alternate diamond colors and golds are available by

Pictured right is another stunning example of “Leibish’s” quality Naturally Coloured Diamonds. This contemporary men’s diamond wedding band is flush set in 18kt white gold with a 0.40cts Emerald Cut Fancy Intense Greenish Yellow Diamond. 

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