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By Mark Gardner

Some of the rarest and most expensive Diamonds are of course the colors, Reds, Blue’s, Pinks, Blue’s and many other shades.  With Red Diamonds being by far the rarest and most expensive gems in the World.. In fact Red Diamonds currently fetch over 1 Million dollars per carat, depending on the color.  Color being the most signifcant factor, followed by Carat Weight, Clarity and Cut.  Leibish & Co situated in New York, they have one of the Worlds best reputations for having the highest quality and range of Rare and Exotic Coloured Diamonds anywhere. 

But for some of you a coloured Diamond is not an option for those that want a traditional, vintage or bespoke engagement ring.  A Natural or Lab Grown White Diamond maybe your prefered choice. As most of you all know that White Diamonds are graded according to the 4C’s and their price is directly influenced by those grades. Below is one of those diamonds I have carefully selected, a stunning and rare 1.348ct D/IF ‘A Cut Above’ Diamond.1.348 ct D IF A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond

There are some Diamonds available that are also some of the Rarest and most sought after, they are the .001%’ers.  Thats right, Natural White Diamonds with a perfect colorless grade of “D” and a perfect Clarity of “IF” Internally Flawless. These rare White Diamonds are so rare that they also have higher price points, but for those that are seeking the best, this is a must.  Natural White DIamonds with D / IF are said to the one in a million or even 1 in 10 million depening on the size.. I have no doubt that Dimaond Cutters around the globe would be excited and tremble with anticipation of cutting it perfectly.

WhiteFlash Diamonds are just the cutters to tackle that task of cutting a perfect Diamond. These Diamond HAVE to be cut with the utmost precision and sit at such a high standing to be included in WhiteFlash’s Signature Cut, ‘A CUT ABOVE Hearts & Arrows’ range. Here is a link direct to their D/IF webpage. WhiteFlash D/IF

Often refered to as “SUPER IDEAL CUT DIAMONDS” WhiteFlash has these Diamonds in their Inventory not just as a ‘Virtual Diamond’.  WhiteFlash’s D /IF inventory has all the information required to make that ‘blind’ over the internet purchase, with Live, Ideal Scope, Asset Tool images as well has a Sarine report, Lab Report and all the specifications you need to help make an ‘informed decision’

Still unsure of what you are buying?  ask me to have afree look and I’ll give you my honest opinion – mark@buyingdiamonds.online

 Or  “learn more about Hearts and Arrows and what is the real difference between an “Ideal Scope” and an “Asset Tool” and how to read them.

Click over to WhiteFlash and have a look for yourself.

“Diamonds are rare. A flawless diamond is exceptionally rare. A flawless diamond that is perfectly colorless is phenomenally rare. How rare does that make diamonds that are perfect in color, clarity and also in cut?”

Bryan Boyne (g.g)
Vice President of Whiteflash

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