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We just entered the Holiday Season, and as a result, retailers are already seeing a huge increase in sales. With so many online retailers and people searching for that special gift everyone should make it a priority to purchase it as soon as possible.  Especially so with Leibish and Co’s unique bespoke designs.  A ring you love today maybe gone tomorrow or in the next hour!  Sure you can get another one made but will it be in time for Christmas day?

Why wait and procrastinate when you could miss out on something you or you loved one would really love.

understands that there is so much competition out there, so to get their share they are running a great campaign on their website, BUY ONE GET ONE 40% OFF SALE. With the purchase of every product, you are offered the chance to add a second item to their cart and receive a 40% discount the second piece! What a great opportunity to get two presents at once.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out. I am always happy to help! For my review on this well respected family please click here.

Best of luck!


Mark G

Best Wishes to all

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